LitePub Now Supports Drafts and Tags

Nov 17, 2015

In the previous couple of days I've been working on two new features for LitePub: drafts and tags.

LitePub is a lightweight static blog generator.


Any post can be marked as draft by simply moving it to the draft subdirectory of the posts directory. To unmark it just move it back to the posts directory.


A post can include a comma separated tags, like this (line 5):

1 # How I Switched from Java to JavaScript
3 *Jan 25, 2015*
5 *Java, JavaScript*
7 I know that there are lots of posts about why JavaScript, or more specifically
8 Node.js, is better than Java but nevertheless I wanted to contribute, too.

Download a release to check it out. If you're new to LitePub follow the quick start to get started.