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How to Install Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu 14.04

Nov 21, 2015  Linux 

Yesterday I was generating some PDFs with attachments in Java (using Apache PDFBox if you’re interested) and needed to check if the attachments were really there. Read more

LitePub Now Supports Drafts and Tags

Nov 17, 2015  LitePub  Go 

In the previous couple of days I’ve been working on two new features for LitePub: drafts and tags. Read more

A Lightweight Static Blog Generator in Go

Nov 12, 2015  LitePub  Go 

From its start, this blog had been a custom built website using a combination of Jade for templates and Markdown for posts that were then generated to static HTML files by Harp. Read more

Checking an InputStream Checksum in Java

Jun 18, 2015  Java 

This week I was coding some Java and needed a way to check an InputStream’s checksum. In addition to that, if the checksum was OK I then wanted to read from the stream. Read more

Running CasperJS Scripts in Docker Containers

Jun 16, 2015  Docker  JavaScript 

I used to run the casperbox.com service (now shut down) that enabled to run CasperJS scripts online. For security reasons, each script was run in a separate Docker container. Read more

My Amazon Affiliate Experiment: A Sequel

Mar 30, 2015  Affiliate  Go 

In the previous post I wrote about building a website to help people decide what to buy for their friends, family or themselves using the Amazon product advertising API. Read more

My Amazon Affiliate Experiment

Mar 27, 2015  Affiliate  Go 

On Mar 8, 2015, inspired by reading about affiliate marketing (mostly on Reddit), I came up with a great idea that it couldn’t be so difficult to earn money this way and that I would give it a try. Read more

Starting My Go Journey

Feb 9, 2015  Go 

I first heard about the Go programming language several months ago. I was curious how it was to code in it so I downloaded a free book to learn more. But I was soon put off by the mere fact that some functions started with uppercase letters (at that time I didn’t know that it was on purpose). Read more

How I Switched from Java to JavaScript

Jan 25, 2015  Java  JavaScript 

I know that there are lots of posts about why JavaScript, or more specifically Node.js, is better than Java but nevertheless I wanted to contribute, too. Read more

Building an Event Store in Node.js

Jan 21, 2015  JavaScript 

As I quite like the idea of event sourcing I decided to build a simple event store in Node.js. Read more